Restaurant at Casa Santamaria

Casa Santamaría offers guests a wide variety of choices. Casa Santamaría has been in the restaurant and innkeeping business for generations, feeding guests since the early 20th century. Through hard work, the restaurant has made a name for itself over the years as one of the best in the Santesteban/Doneztebe and the Baztan-Bidasoa region.

Santamaría uses high-quality, fresh ingredients to serve up hearty servings of local specialities and seasonal dishes.

Large portions so that no one is left hungry!

Dining areas

Casa Santamaría has three elegant dining rooms – two larger rooms and one smaller, more intimate dining room. Together, the restaurant seats up to 250 guests. The porch and terrace beside the garden at Casa Santamaría are also ideal for outdoor dining.

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